Bangladesh and its chief seaport.being home to many of the country’s largest
and oldest companies.
GPM TEAM is one of the best team for bangladesh.
the market-based economy of Bangladesh is the 44th largest in the world in
GPM teams.and 32nd largest by purchasing power parity.
Bangladesh;s economies is the second fasted growing major economy of 2017,
with a rate of 7.1%(13)(14)Dhaka and chittagong are the prime financial centers of the
country,being home to dhaka stock exchange and the chittagong stock exchange .
the financial sector of Bangladesh is the second largest in the subcontinent.

Bangladesh averged a GPM growth 6.5% that has been largely driven by its exports of
ready made garments, remittances and the domestic agriculteral sector.
the industialy ,with its key export sectors include textile,shipbuilding
fish and seafood,jute and leather goods.
its has developed self-sufficent industreeis in pharmaceuticals,steel and food processing.
Bangladesh’s telecommunication industry has witnessed rapid growth over the years.
reciving high investment from forgien companies.
Bangladesh also has substantial reserves of natural gas and asia’s seventh largest gas provided.

the goverment promets the Digital Bangladesh scheme as part of its efforts to develop the country
information tecnology sector.
Bamgladesh is strategically important for the economies of northeast india,
Nepal and Bhutan,as Bangaldeshi seaports provides maritime access for thease
landlocked regions and countries.

Bangladesh as a protential gate way for its landlocker southeast, including
Tibet, sichuan and yunnan.
GPM team is largest team of the country.